It’s not uncommon that the understanding and connection of slowing down and being sensual is missed. We live in an extremely fast-paced world that does not promote the art and beauty of the Slow and Sensual. Between cultural, societal, and personal conditioning, we can be numb, quick, desensitized, confused, habituated, afraid, and even shameful of our sexual and sensual expression. Much is missed.  Sensual Sessions reinvigorates feeling, breath, pausing, integration, and extended moments of pleasure by sinking deeply into your skin, body and life.

John Muir says “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” I find this true in our sensual selves too. As we tug into the layers of our sensual body, our wisdom naturally unfolds into our life. This is for you, if you are ready to taste, touch and tantalize your senses and awaken the delicious nature of who you are.

About sensual Sessions

Are you seeking more in your erotic self and sensual life? Perhaps you have been feeling disconnected from your partner and desire to learn a new skill to share with your lover? Or maybe you find yourself simply needing companionship and play? Enjoy a session that will expand and deepen your senses. Bring alive the pleasure that has been dormant with Tantric touch, breath and movement. We can explore and discover what brings you the most life and zing!



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About ME

My name is Zia. Thank you for finding me here.

I am moved by the deepest of life within and without. I appreciate the senses and delight in the nature of our basic human nature. I am a native of southern California, now residing in Nashville TN, a lover of the ocean breeze and sunny days. My longest love affair is with my camera. I am an artist capturing the beauty of life in our human body. I continue to photograph women & men in their pleasure.

Ever since my early years, I have been a natural student of the body and sex, both personally and professionally. My passion for the body is through the flow of dance and sensual movement. I spent a number of years studying and teaching the wisdom of four yoga traditions, and I have extensive training in somatic healing work, which enlivens the body with pleasure and goodness.

In my journey I have a natural capacity for pleasure and nurturing this in others. I can open and heal the body through touch, breath and connection. It would be an honor and pleasure to deepen your sensual awareness together.