Spring Newsletter

Spring has Arrived!


And boy has it brought us some surprises and fresh life!!


Currently Ive been back in San Diego since beginning of March and took a deep rest my body needed from my fall and winter travel to Nashville, Boston, DC and Hawaiian Islands. Rough ... I know! But hey you'd be surprised it all catches up in the body then having the simple pleasures of home suddenly becomes the medicine and fuel to regroup and rejuvenate. Both grounding and adventure is needed in this body ;)


One of the major headlining news this past few weeks is FOSTA-SESTA bill that passed. If you haven't already noticed BackPage is extinct as well as various common online advertising agencies.


""It's dubbed the "anti-trafficking" bill for the internet, but it's really an anti-sex sledgehammer. The bill removes protection for websites under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, and makes sites and services liable for hosting what it very, very loosely defines as sex trafficking and "prostitution" content. FOSTA-SESTA puts into law that sex work and sex trafficking are the same thing, and makes discussion and advertising part of the crime. Its blurry interpretation of sex and commerce, as well as the bill's illogical, incorrect conflation of sex trafficking and sex work is straight out of a bad movie."" Violet Blue / Engadget

The work of human trafficking and human slavery are completely different categories of advocacy that I completely support.


What to Expect

I have a lot of work to do to keep my site safe and online, it however may mean a blackout as I change servers and host.

1. In general you may find providers using new language and protocol, it will always and only be to keep one another safe!

2. I may change my site for language purposes and have my pictures in a password protected gallery.

3. Feel free to email me directly, better than text, I get easily overwhelmed with texting.

4. I have other services that may come to the forefront of my site, therapy and photography ;)


What you can do to keep in touch!

For now you wont be able to find me online, there are however new sites being built and still up so to keep in touch and stay supporting the connection and work we have embarked on.

1. Make sure you stay Subscribed and that I reach your actual mailbox and not your junk mail!

2. Follow my schedule. I will be more active on my website updating dates and locations of work

3. Follow me via Twitter and Switter. You know what Twitter is but SWITTER is a new platform for all providers and advertising.

4.Be willing to sign a petition for the bill. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/repealstop-fosta-now

5. Keep me in your phone and text or email me directly!


I love what I share and do, its a meaningful path and work that provides both financially and purpose.

My intention is and always has been on of consent, connection, and therapy.  I hope you stay with me on this journey!






alison love