Sessions are available Outcall in any city includes a $50 travel fee. Outcall 9-5pm  Incall is only available weekdays T/ Thu / Fri 9-2pm**

The Original Sensual Session

Sometimes you just need to lay back, relax and be spoiled. The original version of my Sensual Sessions does just that - close your eyes and submit yourself completely to an immersive experience focused wholly on you and your ultimate pleasure.  Your experience begins with a relaxing cup of tea and leads to a full sensual massage that will melt you to your core.

60 Minutes

Nashville: $350

San Diego $250

All Other Cities: $350

90 Minutes

Nashville $450

San Diego $350

All Other Cities: $450



Sensual Confidence - 90min+ recommended

Sensual Confidence is about being comfortable in your own body and interacting with lovers authentically and without nervousness or anxiety. Our session is 30mins for conversation on your issues you’d wish to address and one hour of sensual massage. This session will help you gain a sense of connection and trust with your own sensuality. This is really designed for receiving coaching and feedback.

90 Minutes

Nashville: $450

San Diego $350

All Other Cities: $450

2 Hours

Nashville: $600

San Diego $500

All Other Cities: $600




Sensual Sessions for Women - 2 hours recommended

As a woman, there are countless way to explore your sensuality, yoni and opening deeper into pleasure. Our time will be spent reviewing your Herstory, unearthing your desires and tapping your feminine wisdom. Sessions includes bodywork. This is designed for women who are in healing stage of their life or is ready to soften the masculine edges we build up for living powerful lives.

$250 per Hour

All Cities



Session Add-Ons

Additions to your sensual session will allow for a deeper and more meaningful experience.


Tea Ritual

I share a formal practice of tea that awakens and enlivens the body before a sensual session. You will drink fine tea out of formal teaware that is carefully curated for a deep meditative experience. This is a great practice for those new to meditation and tea.

45 Minutes - $100


Dinner Date

An evening out with dining and connecting, at a place of your choice. Before or after a Sensual Session.

2 Hours - $200