Are you seeking more in your erotic self and sensual life? Perhaps you have been feeling disconnected from your partner and desire to learn a new skill to share with your lover? Or maybe you find yourself simply needing companionship and play? Enjoy a session that will expand and deepen your senses. Bring alive the pleasure that has been dormant with Tantric touch, breath and movement. We can explore and discover what brings you the most life and zing!

Sessions are available Outcall in any city includes a $50 travel fee.  

The Original Sensual Session

Sometimes you just need to lay back, relax and be spoiled. The original version of my Sensual Sessions does just that - close your eyes and submit yourself completely to an immersive experience focused wholly on you and your ultimate pleasure.  Your experience begins with a relaxing cup of tea and leads to a full sensual massage that will melt you to your core.

60 Minutes

Nashville: $350

San Diego $250

All Other Cities: $350

90 Minutes

Nashville $450

San Diego $350

All Other Cities: $450



Sensual Confidence - 90min+ recommended

Sensual Confidence is about being comfortable in your own body and interacting with lovers authentically and without nervousness or anxiety. This session will help you gain a sense of connection and trust with your own sensuality. I’ll combine both education and sensual practices to help you arrive in the delicious space of erotic empowerment. We’ll begin our exploration with breath technique, , and dive into guided touch and sensual massage.

90 Minutes

Nashville: $450

San Diego $350

All Other Cities: $450

2 Hours

Nashville: $600

San Diego $500

All Other Cities: $600



Sensual Submission -  a minimum 2hr session

For the inquisitive and adventurous, embark on a journey to delight the senses. Relinquish all control to me and enjoy a heightened sense of erotic satisfaction like you’ve never experienced before. This practice honors pleasure over pain; there is no aggression or humiliation. You’ll be bound and blindfolded to better allow yourself to be dominated by my words, my body, my skills. We will begin with some light teasing and move into deeper sensory play, pushing you to your limits and seeing just how much pleasure you can take. Are you ready?


2 Hours

Nashville: $600

San Diego $500

All Other Cities: $600

2.5 Hours

Nashville: $650

San Diego $550

All Other Cities: $650



Sensual Sessions for Women - 2 hours recommended

As a woman, there are countless way to explore your sensuality, yoni and opening deeper into pleasure. Lets go on a journey of mapping your feminine wisdom through breath, touch and connection.

$250 per Hour

All Cities



Session Add-Ons

Additions to your sensual session will allow for a deeper and more meaningful experience.


Be My Muse

I am an artist of Pleasure and Beauty. Will you allow me to photograph your intimacy, your turn in your erotic moments? Will you allow yourself to be witnessed in pleasure?

30 Minutes - $200


Tea Ritual

I share a formal practice of tea that awakens and enlivens the body before a sensual session. You will drink fine tea out of formal teaware that is carefully curated for a deep meditative experience. This is a great practice for those new to meditation and tea.

45 Minutes - $100


Dinner Date

An evening out with dining and connecting, at a place of your choice. Before or after a Sensual Session.

2 Hours - $200


The Savour Experience

Lets tour our senses through a meal with nourishment, delight and sensuality. Cooked and prepared by yours truly, I will delight and awaken your taste buds with a spread of sensual delights. I will guide you through the art of feeding and being fed, the five tastes and six flavors of umami. This offering requires all of you, your body, your openness, your surrender. Your mind will be blown with my gustatory expertise.

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"That was one of the most intimate experiences Ive had (outside my personal relationships)”